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    Car crash movie suggestion


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    Car crash movie suggestion

    Post  OffTheRoad on Tue Sep 15, 2009 9:17 pm

    Hello everyone, long time no see!

    I recently had an idea about making my very first movie in gmod. It was supposed to involve several accident and crash clips. Well, very soon I thought of making something way bigger: HUGE PILE UP ON BUSY HIGHWAY!!! Twisted Evil

    Reason why I'm asking this here is because I want to have more than just 2 or 3 people to prepare the scenes, film, drive lots of cars and other stuff like that. Don't forget to ask from other friends if they want to take part in this movie Wink.

    Of course we'll not start doing this movie within a week or two, instead we should discuss and come up with cool ideas for it, like how to make crashes look realistic with cars doing rollovers and sliding around scratch. Maybe we can create ramps for roll overs and invisible PHX plates with physical properties of ice Very Happy. That was just an example then, OK? Just take your time and tell if you can/ can't take part. Suggestions are also very welcome cheers! So start using that remainig brain cell you have or lose it too Mad!

    Well, here's very great and a must see clip that will give you the idea:

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