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    Regrouping The ecu, vote and take the challenge



    Are you interested to lead any of the available areas?

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    Regrouping The ecu, vote and take the challenge

    Post  Liberty on Mon Aug 31, 2009 12:53 pm


    The time have finally come to organize our group again, first here are the reasons why i think this is needed to do:

    As our group have grown and developed itself to many areas and tasks,
    we've got a lot of more work and because of this our projects have got deleted or their developing time have blown up to the skies. Thats why i have started to think an conclusion for this and as a result we need to regroup our team.

    Nobody will be kicked out of the group, so don't worry. Its the opposite thing, the leadership will be changed if this request gets accepted.


    We are starting to look different persons who have the energy and passion to lead any section what are available, this way our producing strength grows needed amount. If you think you really can handle the stuff read more:

    We want from the leaders not just passion but the knowledge of the tasks what they will do, example:

    Leader of the Development team should know example something of these things: Coding ( c++), Modelling, Texturing, Skinning etc. So the "leader" title is just not about the leading, its hard work if we compare to the others who work in the same team.

    And now the available Areas where you can join to be a leader or a member:

    - Development Team

    Development Team task's are to publish mods and in the future different programs, for now the team has one project being in development, if you're
    interested to lead this team. Response to this topic.


    - Memberlist needs to be confirmed, without the confirmation we can't release it as official information. The list will be soon available.

    Stay tuned, more groups are coming to be available for you to lead.

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