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    2009 - Spring Tournament



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    2009 - Spring Tournament

    Post  Liberty on Thu Apr 02, 2009 6:31 pm

    Its the time again for this event, for the most popular event in our community and as always all are welcomed even the people who aren't in the Ecu.

    This Years Plan:

    As you can see there is a "Minister" stage what means in other words an helper for the admins, hes job is:

    - Does the communication with the players and admins + transfers the information between these two factions.

    - Deletes the problems what may danger the communication with these two factions.
    - Hes the "right hand" of the tournament hosters ( Admins ). Important job, needs at least some anti-stressing skills.

    *Tournament Details*

    - We already have choosed the game, thought its not yet 100% sure.
    It is Counter Strike: Source.
    - But this time we give you guys more power with the voting, thought the lag of technology in this forum, every voting needs a new threat..we are very sorry about this.



    - 3min Rounds
    - 3 rounds, 3 maps = Overall takes 20min-25min
    - Sourcetv available
    - New Type Of Communication


    - 3min rounds
    - 2 rounds, 2 maps = Overall takes 12min-15min
    - Sourcetv available
    - -,,-


    - 3min rounds
    - 1 round, 1 map = Overall takes 5min-7min
    - Sourcetv available
    - -,,-

    4THE STAGE [Ultimate]

    - 3.5 min round
    - 1 round, 1 map
    - Sourcetv available
    - -,,-


    - Forums
    - Steam
    - ( Skype, Live Messenger )

    Other Information


    Everything started in Fall 2007 when we made a little tournament in Css and surely we were amazed after it..All were a huge success thought it needed a lot of work and testing. After that We started doing all different tournaments what sadly flopped to the ground and for this day only 1 tournament have worked as a success and it was our very first, Now thought next tournament what we've talked about seems to be all the way better than any other tournament in our community so we hope you've got interested about this event and joining in the Tournament, All are welcomed as i said..No matter if the joiner isn't an Ecu member. Because these events are only supporting the Ecu and its always a good commercial stuff to us.

    We even have a video about one tournament, Christmas Tournament:
    Made by one of our members, Dino.


    - 15.00 AT SWEDEN
    - 14.00 AT GREAT BRITAIN

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    Re: 2009 - Spring Tournament

    Post  dinozilla on Fri Apr 03, 2009 4:41 pm

    Awesome video! Laughing Twisted Evil elephant crazy

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