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    Zm_Littlearena_b6 and Zm_ResidentsCircle_b3


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    Zm_Littlearena_b6 and Zm_ResidentsCircle_b3

    Post  Liberty on Mon Jan 26, 2009 11:05 pm

    Zm_Littlearena_b6 is the newest and perhaps the final version of my map what idea was just an entertainment, in other words: Fun.

    For: Counter Strike:Source + Zombie Mod.

    Some Pictures:

    [ DOWNLOAD ]
    Coming Soon...

    Zm_ResidentsCircle_b3, is my another map and it has the same idea as littlearena = pure entertainment. But its still middle of work, not ready but playable.

    For: Counter Strike:Source + Zombie Mod.

    Here some pics from that too:

    [ DOWNLOAD ]
    Coming Soon..
    All comments are welcome, if you have any ideas, tell me! desperado


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    Re: Zm_Littlearena_b6 and Zm_ResidentsCircle_b3

    Post  Vesui on Mon Jan 26, 2009 11:48 pm

    i have played Zm_ResidentsCircle_b? once and that gave me some outlook of the map..

    Getting up to the circle thing (spawn) is too huge, And there is too many ladders to get up there. (8 ladders..?) It makes its useless, waste of space, because you dont have any place to get cover and dropping zombies down from up there is hard, (too wide area) and if you manage to drop one, they can climb up again from ladder in next corner.

    Middle (indoors of that inner circle) had one good place to hide from zombies, a big room whit only one person size door.
    When there's more than one person in that room, they can defend it from any attacks.
    Middle is too confusing also (what's up whit the window?) and has some useless rooms.

    Miscallenous stuff on ground level -- they are good hiding spots but hard to defend.

    Map looks poor when there is van's from no reason placed on map, Like there would be too much empty space..

    Maybe the only good defencing place was suprise, pile of crates inside hall underground. They suited that place, but big glass windows that are breakable ruined it.
    Why to run longer way when you can just break the glass and step in.
    Making these glasses unbreakable or adding just simple wall would make that place better.
    By the way underground did not have enought defend places, because frankly speaking,
    it was simple circle.
    If you go underground, you will most surely get killed, There's no secound exit, only the fucking slow elevator where you can easily be picked.
    Even one zombie can get you easily.

    Elevator was still buggy (had two buttons to press and had no idea which one) and people abused it so any zombie couldn't get up from there. Space where elevator moved and size of elevator were too big. Zombies could easily get on elevator in middle air, whole thing seemed like deathtrap for humans, useful only when getting up.
    Little fixing, adding stuff and making elevator useful could make this map succeed.
    Biggest problem on the map was that it's too huge and empty. Thats all for this night Smile

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    Re: Zm_Littlearena_b6 and Zm_ResidentsCircle_b3

    Post  dinozilla on Tue Jan 27, 2009 8:36 pm

    yea, right, really.. GREAT MAPS! those 2 are my favourites of the ones you have done. crazy

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    Re: Zm_Littlearena_b6 and Zm_ResidentsCircle_b3

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